Dixon & Co. deliver a wide variety of personal and business services (Click on service for more information):

  • Personal Tax Returns and Computations

    Completed manually or online for all types of income and capital gains.

  • Trust Tax Returns and Computations

    Also completed and accounts prepared as necessary.

  • Company Tax Returns and Computations

    Prepared either at the same time as the preparation of the financial accounts or under a separate engagement.

  • Tax Refund Claims

    Such as CIS refunds or refunds for non-tax payers, claims can be done online to speed up processing times.

  • Sole Trader, Partnership and Charity Accounts

    Prepared either on their own or at the same time as the tax returns if applicable.

  • Limited Company Full and Abbreviated Accounts

    Full accounts for members and tax purposes, abbreviated accounts for Companies House to protect your privacy.

  • Consolidated Accounts

    Branches or group companies can be consolidated as required.

  • Management Accounts

    Can be prepared either on their own or at the same time as the VAT is calculated.

  • Forecasts and Projections

    For business start ups and businesses looking for extra finance.

  • Company Secretarial Work

    Completion of the company's statutory records and submission of forms to Companies House.

  • Company Formations

    Formed same (working) day with the name of your choice and all the forms filled in for you.

  • Payroll

    Can be done monthly or even yearly, the latter is a cheaper option as the same figures can be used for a whole tax year.

  • VAT

    Prepared quarterly, manually or online, flat rate, annual, cash or invoice accounting as required.

  • CIS Scheme

    We specialise in refunds for sub-contractors in the building trade, filing forms online for faster processing times.

  • Business Start-up

    Advice given on all aspects of starting your own business in simple uncomplicated language.

  • Tax Planning and Advice

    We can help you minimise your tax liabilities.

  • Mortgage Applications

    Our contacts can help you find a cheaper mortgage.

  • HM Customs & Revenue Enquiries

    We can help you argue your case and minimise any tax and penalties due.